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Level 2 Electrician

Level 2 ASP Electricians

A level 2 electrician is different from a normal electrician. They do more technical electrical work and hold more qualifications too. In Australia, to work on or near Integral Energy’s and Energy Australia’s network they must be a level 2 electrician. Duties include handling metering equipment, live wires and connecting and disconnecting power from the electricity network.

A level 2 electrician is different from a regular electrician as they hold extra qualifications as issued by the government, which qualifies them to work with the electricity distribution network.

You would need a level 2 electrician if you are planning to:

  • Connect your home, business or any other property the main electricity distribution network.
  • Have a solar net metering
  • Provide temporary power supply for builders

No matter how large or small the job, finding a level 2 electrician has never been easier. Everything is covered from upgrading your existing electricity supply to major electrical work. You can be assured that there are no delays or needs for a second visit, as Melbourne level 2 electricians exceed that of a regular electrician Melbourne.

Level 2 electricians are authorised to work on or near Ausgrids and Endeavour Energy’s network.

Level 2 electrical services
Sydcorp providex

  • Relocation and repairs of point of attachment (Cat 1)

  • Overhead cabling replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 3)

  • Timber and Steel Pole installation and replacement (Cat 1 & Cat 3)

  • Underground cabling replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 2)

  • Underground to overhead cabling replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 2 & Cat 3)

  • Metering replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 1 & Cat 4)

  • Storm Damage Repairs

  • Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Defect Rectification

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